Marketing: Step-by-step Guide For Beginner

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Let’s start with the history of marketing, as a method, this is important. Because it helps to explain the history of marketing practice. History of marketing thought which has concerned with the increase in marketing education.

Marketing is one of those topics on which everyone has an opinion. A lot of people think they know what it is. A great number of peoples doubt it. The reality is that. Unfortunately, very few people understand and appreciate what marketing is about.

The focus is on understanding what marketing is. We particularly concentrate on exploring and discussing key questions. Which is relating to what marketing actually is? We look out the background to marketing.

How it fits in the business decision making and planning process. Errors that surround marketing are also examined along with reports. That how actually marketing works. Marketing is about understanding the customer.

Marketing is a science and knowledge of the customer. The more you know about your customer the better will you meet his or her needs? You will also make able to use the best skills, expertise, knowledge, and resources.

In business, there are two key people. You need special knowledge of you and your customer. Remember without the customer you do not have a business. Marketing is the science of getting to know your customers.

Marketing is without a doubt. A determinant factor in the growth, development, and success of your business. Often people compare marketing particularly with advertising, selling, and promotional activity.

While these are important functions and areas of marketing. They do not include the totality of marketing. Marketing is the cycle that carries on forever. Because it needs many changes.


Overview :

  • Origin and Evolution Of Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Product Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Target Customer
  • Figure Out Who Is Your Customer?
  • What Do Customers Think?
  • Survive Your Business With Communication Skills?
  • Survive Your Business With Customer Services?
  • How Can I Sell My Services To Customer?
  • How Can I Sell My Services To Customer?

Origin And Evolution Of Marketing.

Origin of Marketing:

The origin of marketing lies in the first community. The formation of the first society. When communities began to grow into society. Economic life started to develop. With it, small businesses started to appear. History of marketing thought which has concerned with the increase in marketing education.

The Evolution Of Marketing:

Business like everything else has gone through evolutionary improvement. Marketing is a social process. In which a person or group gets. What they need or want by creating an exchange of products or services and gives value to each other.

Marketing has defined as a human activity. It directs at delaying identifying and satisfying customer’s needs, wants, and demands. Which has carried out through an exchange process?

Fundamental Of Marketing And Marketing Characteristics:

Fundamentals of Marketing:

Understand how business works? More customers buy decision processes and strategic marketing.

Marketing Characteristics:

These help you to define your business value and ethics. Your business to be marketing focused, it needs to adopt the following features. A customer-focused solution to meet demand. The starting point of any business activity is the customer.

You have to know your core, secondary and tertiary customers. Information based decisions. There should no trial and error methods. Your decisions to be base on the information.

These have collected through the number of processes. Such as customer feedback, opinion surveys, and observations. Correlation of benefits is necessary to understand. The customer service is a two-way process.

Focus your marketing efforts need to be focus targeted and specific. Preparation is all about being tomorrow. Marketing believes in continuous development. The growth of your business. It is against getting the rich quick scheme.

Such a scheme doesn’t work in the long run. The relationship is all about building long term relationships. By generating customer loyalty and repeat buy. The customer likes to deal with a business. They think it is going to be there for a long time to come.

They do not like to by night businesses. Integrity is about being open. Honest with your customers. You need to deliver what you promise. Your aim is to under-promise and over-delivered.

Marketing Mix And Marketing Cycle :

The Marketing Mix:

The eight pillars on which your business stands. The marketing mix consists of eight key elements which have called the marketing mix. To carry out any business decision we must carry out that decision in the cortex of these eight elements.

The marketing mix contains four P of marketing. They are product, price, promotion, and place. Four C of regular marketing are Customer, Competition, Costs, and Capacity. All decisions of any business can take by considering all eight-factor of marketing.

The marketing mix work in synergy. If you have to make a decision on anyone’s elements of the marketing mix. You need to carry out that decision in the cortex of each element of the marketing mix.

The Marketing Cycle:

These explain the trading or buying and selling process. The cycle consists of eight features each of which has linked to the next one. So that cycle forms a full circle. The marketing seeks, expects, identifies, and meets the needs.

Need is the reason for buy. Your customers want to be base on her or his culture. You will also make able to use the best skills, expertise, knowledge, and resources. Demand is the purchasing power and ability to spend on extra and luxury.

Product is something to meet needs, wants, and demands. Exchange the customer making an inquiry and carry out own research. The matter is the exchange concluded when a customer purchases the product.

The market has identified and target customers. Marketing is the cycle that carries on forever because it needs frequent changes.

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Marketing Research:

One of the key features of a marketing-focused business. It is to carry out all its decision based on information. In marketing, there is a very key little room for action based on pure trial and error. Data is the fuel of marketing.

Definition of Marketing Research:

The means used by those. Who provide goods and services to keep themselves in touch with the needs and wants of those. Who buys and uses those goods or services.

Marketing Research Technology:

There are seven stages to need to go through to ensure that your research. Get to know your market. These stages provide with you gradual and necessary information. With which to make your product or service.

A. Define the problem:

Research aim and goal. Whenever you are undertaking a key marketing decision. It is necessary. You consider a particular target, action, and goal with regard to that decision. Once you have decided on your goal. Ensure that they are clear, the next step to identify likely sources and methods of your research.

B. Device Research Plans:

Direct or indirect. There are two types of information. It will help you with your marketing decision-making process. The starting point of research is to get a feel. Place the context by researching useful background.

Historical information that is already there. Once you have collected the existing information. The next steps to design and conduct your own research.This has called direct research. Where you can complete information with new, relevant and up to date research of your own.

First look for the information that is already there. Existing information provides you with valuable historical and general information. This sets the background and trick for your decision-making process.

Government and good business and publication would provide you useful information. On demographic, socio-politics and economics of the region. At which marketing decisions should carry out. There are limitless sources of secondary information.

Indirect information provides you with background information. It is unlikely to provide. You with the type of information needed to make concrete marketing decisions. To carry out a specific action or decision with regards to each element of the marketing mix. You need to talk to customers, competitors, suppliers, or influencing groups.

C. Collect and collate information:

Once the information has gathered from secondary and primary research. It needs to collate. Collation is the process of immediate support. The rationalization of what information is useful and what should discard.

D. Analyze, interpret, and check the information:

Information needs to understand. The meaning of a particular marketing decision. By cross-referencing each element of the collected information. This process establishes the relevance and validity of the information.

E. Assumption and conclusion:

No matter how your research process is. It will always necessary to make certain opinions to be able to draw a proper conclusion.

F. Make Decisions and carrying out decisions:

Marketing research backed up by assumption and conclusion. It is very likely to enable you to make a timely and informed decision. These decisions are your marketing strategies. Program in relation to each element of the marketing mix.

G. Record information in a report format:

As you have noticed information is very important in the marketing decision-making process. Recording information today provides you valuable insight into the historical trends. It furnishes you with future market development and inclination.


Taking Marketing Research

If you are new to business or entering a new sector of the market. Then you need to carry out comprehensive and systematic research. But, if you are continuing in the same sector. Business or profession then the chance is that.

You already have a significant amount of information available to you. This information would provide you with valuable insight to make a decision. Do not collect interesting information and collect relevant information.

If you come across information. You think it is interesting and useful one day. You should discard it, as interesting information is soon out of date. If you come across information that will help you make a decision.

It is useful now then it is relevant, so it should use. One good and cost-effective way to get first-class market research. It is to contact your local colleges and universities. After the beginning of the academic year.

The student and their tutors would be grateful for real-life projects. Rather than a fictional case study. The students have access to very expensive research data. They will carry out your research under the supervision of tutors.

It will cost you next to nothing. You will get the first-class report. The students get a real-life experience so it is beneficial to both you and the students.

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Product Analysis:

Marketing is the development and matching process. You have knowledge skills, expertise, resources, and products. They are likely to have a variety of applications.

Unless you have an in-depth understanding of your product in the context of your customer. You cannot appreciate their true potential. Product Report is the most important factor. When Launching a New Product in marketing.

Lack of product knowledge will have negative results for your business. It is likely to paralyze your marketing efforts. There are many tools and technologies. They help you to better understand your products. Product knowledge is very essential for marketing.

Lack of product knowledge results in poor customer service. Have a negative effect on sales and profitability. The product can define as anything. It can offer to a market for attention, addiction, consumption. Use including goods, services, ideas, and personality.

Goods And Services Of Product:

Goods and services:

Most common products have made up of either goods or services. It is important to bear in mind that. both goods and services have made up of two types of attributes. These are those attribute which is visible, that can see and left.

Then there are those which are invisible and that cannot see. Promote or sell goods based on uncertain attributes. Promote or sell services based on actual and visible attributes.The product should meet particular needs.

You are in the business of satisfying that needs. Always focus on the results for your customer and not the product you may sell. We can say that your product is incidental. The real reason for buy is results, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Features And Benefits Of Products.

Feature and benefits:

You must remember that your customers are only interested in what they get from your product. Not your product itself. My customer is not interested in me or my product. This type of analysis is the most important tool in product knowledge.

A feature and benefits report has three very useful purposes. It helps you to appreciate what your product is about. It helps you to assess the reason for customers buy and help you to know your customers.

At last, it helps you to describe the product in terms. So that the customer understands how a product will suit their needs. A feature and benefit analysis is the most important tool.

This helps you to offer your customers exactly what they want and need. On the face of it, a feature and benefit analysis looks simple. But it requires investing a vital amount of time and thought.

You must be aware of the value of the headline. In creating impact, raising curiosity, and important messages. The five or six benefits of your product.

You communicate to the customer should serve as the individual headline to infirm. Entices and reassure the customer of the virtue of your business. Results in your product can deliver to your customer.

Unique Selling Proposition And Product Life Cycle.

Unique selling proposition:

This is also known as differential advantages competitive advantages or key benefits. The purpose of the unique selling proportion is to create an identifier or a key aspect. That your business can be associates with.

To determine your own unique selling proportion. It is important to understand what is unique about your competitor. In what way they are separate from each other. This will enable you to create an identifier and flagship benefits for your business.

Product life cycle:

The second element of product knowledge is to learn your product life cycle stage. Each stage of the product life cycle requires specific consideration and decisions.

These are research and development. Introduction, growth, maturity, decline, and petrifaction of the phased out stage. There are two types of product life cycle.

First Boston consulting group matrix. This has called product portfolio analysis. The second type is the Ansoff matrix. This is also called product and market entry analysis or valuing growth strategy.

Market Perception, Marketing, And Product Development.

Market penetration:

If your marketing strategy call for entering the market which already exists. You want to gain a share of an existing opportunity by offering the same product to the same customer base.

Then the following tactics will likely assist undercut prices. Focus on something novel customer service. Increase promotional activity . Get more exposure to your products by getting more outlets or stores. Optimize your website and any other strategy open to you.

Marketing Development:

If you want to expand in a new market or new customer. This has called for identifying and developing a new market for the current product. You have to put in place the following tactics to achieve your aim.

These are introductory price offer, publicity, and press coverage. Draws and competition, promotional literature, product trial, etc.

Product Development:

The idea of product development is to introduce and offer modified. New products into an existing market. The modification should be size, feature, and packing. You have to put in place a free product trial. Product display, publicity and press coverage, privilege customer offers, promotional literature, etc.

Diversification :

Diversification means doing something new that is have not done before. There are two types of diversification. Online diversification offering new products to a new market. In the same sector or industry.

Offline diverseness is entering a new market. With a new product in different sectors or industries. This is a very high-risk undertaking. The focus on product knowledge has been inward i.e. what we can produce or How can we sell more.

In the cortex of marketing. The focus on product knowledge should be in the context of customer need or reason buy. Customers need to change and will provide your business with continuous opportunities.

When you focus on results rather than the product itself. You are very likely to see the wider applications and uses of the same product.


What is unique about you? How you’re are different?

Today’s market place has a lot of clutter. There are a large number of options are available to the customer for any product or service. Each product is trying to check customer awareness.

Your Product should be unique. It is the marketing key. The customer mind has limited ability to remember the product and brand. To be successful in such a high marketplace. Our product or service must have some unique specialties.

Which is not offered by our opponent. The product will not see and remember. The customer will remember and notice our product. Our product is separate from others.

This difference is vital to create a distinct position in the customer’s mind. We as a customer remember product or services based on their unique or different which appeal to us.

All successful product in any category has some unique quality. Which set them apart from others in the customer’s mind. Sometimes businesses copy some successful products. They design a product that looks like it.

This is a very bad way. Introduce Unique products in the market is the marketing key. A copy of some products without any notable difference is a serious loss. In the customer’s mind.

It will keep always our product as a follower. A mediocre copy of some leading products. The unique different features can provide a competing benefit to the product. It will keep the product first of the opponent in the customer’s mind.

The individual differences can help the product to charge a prize. If it provides some very important services to the customer. Such an individual difference must be hard to copy by an opponent.

Some examples of unique diversity are:

Among the pizza delivery service. One company offered an assure delivery within 20 minutes. A customer saw this faster because nobody else did so. A TV has the greatest number of guarantees years more than every other opponent. A car has some security features. Which has unmatched by its opponents?

If for example the 20-minute delivery promise of pizza supplier. The features provided by a car merchant have duplicated by another merchant. The different positions have lost. It is the marketing key that you must launch your product with special features. It should be unique in the market. That must change from your competing product.

Never follow of leading product copy in the market. It is damage to you. Create a big difference between your product. The opponent product to hold your place in the market. Your product should remain for a longer time in your customer’s minds. It should reach customer comfort. Which is most important to make your position in the market.

Customer Analysis :

Customer Analysis has used to make key business decisions. Market segmentation and auspicious analytics information have used by businesses for direct marketing. Site selection, and customer relationship management.

The size of business i.e. the number of outlets, products, employees, and turnover. Their buy behavior e.g. central or local buying, advance, or in time your customer’s reputation.
Marketing provides services to meet customers.

With that in mind, the productive system. It has considered from its beginning at the production level, to the end of the cycle at the consumer. Customer analytics plays an important role in the prediction of customer response.

You need to analyze what sort of customer you are looking for given the business you are in. This boils down to knowing your target customer, understanding.

Which of your activity will generate the most income? Also, being able to categorize your customers into a useful group to target?

Customer Knowledge And Income Generation:

Customer knowledge:

The customer is the key to your business survival, without customers you have not a business. Also bear in mind that you cannot go and call anybody and everybody. Your customers and try to be all things to all people.

If you did not try to be all things to all peoples. You are very likely to spread yourself too thin and end up being nothing to anybody. The size of business i.e. the number of outlets, products, employees, and turnover.

Marketing is the science of knowing your target customer. Focusing all your efforts to meet the needs, wants, and demands of that customer.

Income Generation:

The Pareto principle is also known as the 80-20 rule. The law of vital few. The principle factor sparsity state that for many events roughly. 80 % of the efforts come from 20 % of the causes.

It is common thumb rule in business that 80 % of your sale comes from 20 % of your clients. This rule suggests that 80% of your income usually comes from 20%of your customers.

Core customers are the ones who are regular purchasers. Secondary customers are special. Every now and then customers tertiary customers are one-off customers. A common mistake that many small businesses make. It is to take its core customer for granted.

Focus most of their efforts on getting more secondary and tertiary customers. Understanding where you focus your marketing efforts is crucial. As everyone works within limited resources and you need to work out where it would be best to deploy yours.

Marketing Categories And Industrial Market:

Marketing consists of buyers, and buyer differs in one or several ways. They may differ in their wants, resources, location. The buying attitude and buying practices. Any of these variables can help us to identify the right customer for our business.

The marketing category has divided into the consumer market and the modern market. By understanding which market category. You are in helping you to determine how your product meets the need of that category. The consumer market is also known as the end-user.

In the consumer market, you must understand who my customers are? Age, gender, and physical quality. Where are they mean the location of customers, How many of them are there means the expects and census data.

Marketing provides services to meet customers. How do they satisfying their current needs? What positive and negative buy experience do they have? What is the reason for their buy? Where do they get information?

Who or what influences their decision? How do they solve their problems? Disappointments with regard to a particular product? Finding the answer to all the above questions. It helps you to better understand your customer and their reason for buy.

Industrial Market Is Very Important In Business.

Industrial Markets are also called business to business market. Understand single decision-maker bears in their mind. That in industrial a group of people may be direct or involve in the decision-making process.

This often referred to as the decision-making unit. Which consists of gatekeepers, Buyers, users, influencers, and deciders. To understand the buying process in the industrial market. You need to find out more information such as the nature of your customer business.

The length of time they have been in business. The size of business i.e. the number of outlets, products, employees, and turnover. Their buying behavior. e.g. central or local buying, advance, or in time.

Your customer’s reputation and creditworthiness. Finding all information. Any other relevant to your industry or sector will assist you to sell better to business.

Customer analysis is one of the marketing essentials. Your businesses never survive without your customers. The key factor of the success of any business is a customer.

Customer analysis is most important before a launching new product in the business.
By considering all the above factor you must make a customer analysis report.

Which is very useful from the success point of view of your business. You must provide technical staff for a survey of customer analysis to get the best results. Marketing provides services to please customers.

Target Customer

Target customers are also known as the target market. It is a group of customers that a firm plans to reach with their marketing efforts. Target customers recognize a product, business, marketing strategy, brand, sales, or location.

We need to give the features and benefits of our product and services to our target viewers. The process of marketing conferences has called market promotion. Communicate about the product and services, various types of promotion options are available.

Target customers are also known as the target market. The choice of the information tool will has made also about the funds available. Advertising is one such promotion method. Exhibition and functions.

Emails, Direct mails, SMS, Telemarketing. These are some other communication options for marketing promotions. In the group of today’s market. There are many options are available. In every conversation medium that we may choose.

Each of the available contact channels has fragmented the marketing communication process. Earlier marketing report was possible through mass media like newspapers, radio, television. Now there are many alternatives are available for each of these media.

Target Customer Is Target Market.

There is no single choice which reaches all the customer in a target section. If we publish an advertisement in one newspaper. On one TV channel, we may not reach the whole target customer group.

Target customers are also known as the target market. So we have to view publishing in more than one newspaper. On many TV channels. This raises the cost. Hence the selection of marketing presentation speech is very important.

If we don’t pay proper attention to the selection of this tool, we waste a lot of marketing money without any return. The choice of marketing presentation tools depends upon our target customer part.

This is a very important choice. For product or services which can bring a large customer part of various age groups. Advertising through mass media like TV, Radio, newspapers, outdoor can use.

These contact media reach a large number of people of various age groups. Choose women’s magazines for beauty products or for products made for women.

Reach Our Target Market :

Hoarding near railway/bus stations airports. It could use for selling hotels or taxi services. For an upcoming Tv program or film. Show pages of newspapers and outdoor signboards are suitable options. Target customers are also known as the target market.

The choice of the presentation tool will have made. Also considering the budget available.
Credit cards/club membership has sold through telemarketing. Personal selling after selecting database planned customers.

Buyer to buyers companies generally includes an exhibition in their promotion mix.
High end/luxury product has advertised. Displayed only in an area where their planned customers are reachable.

The presentation tool should make also considering the budget available. The presentation tools. It should be such that it provides enough number of repetitions. The greatest coverage of the target viewers within the budget.

Mass media advertising is fast and very impactful. It is very high. When more than one connection option has used and honor must maintain across all the tools.

All conversations happening through different media must appear like the target viewers. The choice of the communication tool will have made. Also recognizing the budget available.

It is also called a mixed marketing presentation. Generally, a company tries a set of promotional presentation tools. It depending upon its customer base, timing, budget, and other items.

Any tools are not a rewarding desired outcome it must revise. The most effective conversation tools must use for better effect.


Figure Out Who Is Your Customer?

Every products and service need a select group of customer. No product or service is useful to all the customers in the market. Different customer prefers different things in products. Marketing Essential means to identify who is your Customer.

All customers don’t like the same things. This gives rise to hope and scope for a large number of options for a product in the market. In marketing, the first thing any company should do. It is to find out the exact customer to whom its product or services are a target.

Know Your Customer Better

Suppose a company manufacturing shirts for men. Now, these shirts are ranging from Rs.300 to 5000 and more. Where does our product fit? The profiles of a customer depend on the lifestyle of the customer. The financial condition of the customer.

You must know the profile of a customer. Who may buy a shirt for Rs.300 is different from the profile of a customer who may buy a shirt selling at Rs.5000.

The customer’s lifestyle, preferences, priority, and needs are different. Our marketing efforts should have based on this aim reality. The quality of the shirt, packing, place where it has sold.

The after-sales services and advertising. Other marketing activities depends upon the selection of the target customer segment.

The first task of marketing must be to complete the right customer segment. For which we will target our product. Your Customer Doesn’t Care?

How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care.

Remember different customer has different needs, preferences, and liking. All customers are not the same. That is good for all companies. The company should be very clear. About the various needs of different customers from a particular product.

Try to focus its attention and energy on some specific needs. Which it will try to meet through its own product. One single product can meet the need of all the customers. So we must not make a mistake to assume or aim the same.

Our product may meet most of the needs of a specific group of customers. We must focus our attention on these customers as our target. The target segment of the customer has defined.

Our marketing activities will always lack focus. Without clear target customers. All marketing efforts remain ineffective. Which in turn resulting in a huge waste of time, money, and energy.

You have got to know your customer better than they know themselves. Marketing mistake starts from not identifying the right target customer segment. They do not understand their needs. A big number of marketing failures are examples of such a mistake.


What Do Customers Think?

Determining the relative position of our product or services in the customer mind. Whenever a customer decides to buy something. He or She considers many alternatives to that product or service.

Marketing essential means what the customer thinks about us. When a new product introduced in the market. Each alternative he or she has some opinion or belief. When he or she has built through her own or other’s experience.

Within a group of similar products and services. Each one has a unique place or position inside the customer’s mind. The customer considers one product better superior to the other.

There is a clear ranking of products in her mind. It is her personal ranking. Rank Of product influenced by the customer’s own personality perception and psychological traits. A company product or service is a position in the customer’s mind as per this ranking.

When a company likes it or not. There are different models of mobile phones available at a price point of Rs.5000. All the different brands from different companies.

Customer Behavior :

One phone could have a very good set of features. Another could have rugged built and long-lasting quality. The third may have excellent after-sale support.

Fourth has the best battery life or camera. Due to this difference, each phone has a unique position in the customer’s mind. So these four phones although at the same price range, attract a different set of customers.

Each intelligent customer. He will generally buy a phone based on the position quality important to her. Like this, every product or service finally occupies a position in the customer’s mind.

The company’s own known efforts. Which can be useful in guiding the customer’s opinion and perception. About its products. If the company is not aware and conscious. About creating the right perception and position to occupy in the customer’s mind.

Some position gets created by chance. The company finds it is difficult to change that thought later. Sometimes such created positions. Damage the reputation of the company’s products or services.

It takes a long time to recover from that damage. To be more effective in marketing, we need to determine the position we wish to occupy in the customer’s mind. If this position has decided in advance.

It makes the company’s marketing works easier and more focused. All the purposes of marketing and branding practice. It should be direct towards creating and maintaining this right position.

Survive Your Business With Communication Skills?

Active Listening can define as listening to peoples. Actually taking the information. They are saying and posing to listen to them. You can listen to people by focusing on them and studying their words.

If you want to grow your business you have to develop your communication skills. Active listening is a key business skill. Because it allows the employee to be better at their jobs and be more useful to clients and other customers.

This is because if you listen to the clients instead of listening but thinking that you know the best. Then you will be more likely to pass their expectations. You can Survive your business with the help of your communication skills?

Leading to greater approval, increased satisfaction. Your boss will see you as the greatest asset. Active listening can help the employer in a similar way to employees.

Due to the fact that employers still need to interact with clients. Who has the best Communication Skills It will be growing their own business.

Communication Skill Is Important:

Active listening is the key business skill for employees. Because to be a good leader the employee needs to respect their employers. Having active listening skills can help you to achieve that respect.

This is a possible scenario. An employer would find themselves in and how active listening can be helpful. Imagine that you are in a meeting with an important client. Who has prepared to give the company massive cash injection?

Your boss was willing to give you a promotion if you were successful in dealing with the client. After a few minutes, you think that you know exactly what they want and you have excited to work on the project.

We make a conclusion based on what we know instead of what we actually know. Communication skills help to grow your business. An employer can use active listening skills. Which enhances the leadership and productivity of their employees.

This is because if you listen to the clients instead of listening but thinking that you know the best. Then you will be more likely to exceed their expectations. If you listen to your employees.

Actually show that you are listening. Then they will know that they are value care about an this will lead them to almost being happier. Leading to more productivity and staff retention. Both of which are very important to be a good employer.


Survive Your Business With Customer Services?

Customer service is the cornerstone of any good business. Customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Doing customer service is a vital skill that can open many doors for you.

When a business has bad customer service then customer satisfaction will decrease.
If customer satisfaction decreases. The customer never repeats to you which results in business shutdown.

We meet their needs and move into a managerial position because of your amazing work.
Good customer service can define as listening to the customers. Doing what customers want. Resolving any issue.

Helping the customers, being kind, and not defensive to the customer. You have to accept some great qualities. You having good listening skills. Having good body language, having the ability to be calm, and helpful.

Able to talk and act. Customer service will help you to survive the business. You are able to interact with customers. Then this will enable you to work in more jobs. We meet their needs and move into a managerial position because of your amazing work.

Because of limited customer service skills. Do in no way decrease your chance of employment. When a business has bad customer service then customer satisfaction will decrease.

Customer service skills are very useful business skill to have. As they can open up a lot of carrier opportunities for you. It will enable you to progress in the business world. We meet their needs and move into a managerial.

Most managers have good customer service skills. It is important to note that while customer service skills are important. There are other jobs out there if you hate the idea of customer satisfaction.

How Can I Sell My Services To Customer?

The biggest market in the world is the market for personal services. Everyone has personal services for sale. We are in receipt of a letter from a young lawyer. Who wants to know? How he can build up a clientele. Without violating the ethics of the profession by direct advertising.

This is an example of our reply, which may interest you. When I started out to be a lawyer some fourteen years ago. So, I know something about the predicament in which you find yourself. I Sell My Services To Customer, with marketing skills.

Now if I were in your place. I would become an attractive public speaker and I do my work. So well that the newspapers would compel to give a notice of it. I would find out what subjects were closer to the heart of the people. I would prepare myself to talk on those subjects.

An able speaker always commands respect and attention. The newspaper cannot ignore him even if they chose to do so and the door of welcome always open to him. This is one of the most effective ways for a professional man to place himself before the people.

If he avails himself of it with fact and skill he will soon find people a beaten path to his door. By all means to stand upon your feet and speak in public. If there is anything back of what you want to say.

You will soon find a demand for your services no matter what may be your calling, greater than you can supply.


How Does 24×7 Customer Service Support Work?

Companies particularly the more established once provide 24-7-365 support services to their clients. What does this mean? This means that. The manufacturer provides 24 hours,7 days a week and 365 days in a year provide customer service support.

It means there is support anytime, anywhere, and any season. They provide higher skilled and well-trained staff. To attend the need of the customer, client. They have enough knowledge of a variety of products.

This ensures that if you are a customer of a product they serve. You will take care. 24×7 Customer Service Support Works well.

These customer service support include various type as:

A. Voice Support:

You have a warm body attending to you for your inquiry. Many customers prefer this type of support service. But, if you are an irate your consumer. You deal with voice support.

You may not control your anger in conversation and some people regret this later on. This is the best customer service support. Where you interact with your customers and identify the exact problem.

Your skilled technical support operator solves, their problem immediately. You can get more customer satisfaction. Maintain good customer relationships which are most beneficial to your business.

B.Non Voice support:

This is email support. Where a consumer can send their request for support. Receive responses direct to their inbox.

This allows the support and the customer to get fast response and interaction. It is very hard. When your customer is not fluent in your language it becomes critical to solving his problem.

C.Live chat support:

This is one of the most preferred support services. You can chat with a support operator and get the response. If there is no operator available, then an automatic response/reply has provided to you.

In this method, you chat with your customer about what is his problem. Give an answer to your client in chatting This makes it easy for your customer to solve his problem.

Customer Service Support :

Sometimes you give online help to correct the problem by taking access to his computer. So that you can please your customer. He also analyses who provides fast and good customer service support.

24-7 support is a benefit of the e-commerce advent. It is so easy to communicate with the manufacturer. Your problems get attention immediately. Definitely, 24-7 support is difficult if a manufacturer is arranging it on his own.

It is, necessary that you outsource your 24-7 support service. If you want to assure you that you are helping your clients 24-7. Avoid promising 24-7 support if you are not outsourcing your support services.

The reason is that if you are doing the support within your entry. Your operator is not trained well, you may not able to assist your customers as promised. Now if you outsource your 24-7 support.

Then you are back by experienced and well trained 24-7 customer service support. You can brag about it and your customers will be able to enjoy it as well. Now a day your customer is more clever than you.

He thinks from all corners while purchasing your product. He also analyses who provides fast and good customer service support. So it is necessary to provide the best customer service support to make your place in the market.

Nowadays no one can wait for you for a longer period. He will divert from you when you are not providing prompt customer service support.

Your 24-7 customer service should be prompt the skilled technical person. It is the basic need to maintain your reputation in the market.


Marketing has a brief history of old age from personal growth. Marketing starts with the first community and the formation of the first society. As time passes the evolution of marketing followers into the marketing business.

Various tactics are developing in marketing to bring the customer. The marketing mix contains four P of marketing i.e. product, price, promotion, and place. For the smooth running of the business.

Marketing develops the concept of 4P’s. Product, Price, Promotion and Place and 4C’s customer, Competition, Costs, and Capacity. All business decisions have made while considering the eight main pillars of marketing.

The marketing cycle is the process of buying and selling. Marketing is the cycle that carries on forever because it needs frequent changes. Market research plays a very important role. In the implementation of new business in the market.

It provides the most important information. About the needs and wants of the customer at present. We have to make a proper analysis of the accumulated information. Discard the misguiding information which never remains for a longer time.

This related information gives us an idea. About which product is suitable in the existing place. Marketing research gives a guideline to new businesses for decision making. Doing the marketing plan before launching a product in the market.

If you want to become a successful business half of the secrete lies in your market research. Hence you must be careful and sincere while making market research.

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