WordPress: Guide For Beginners In 2020.


WordPress is free and open-source of a content management system. The top three Word Press web hosts I recommend are Blue host, GoDaddy, and In Motion. WordPress has written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database? Your C-Panel and hosting control should be a lot easier to understand.


WordPress is One of Free and Open-source of Content Management System. You can handle your website. Some companies will charge you thousands of dollars. To help set up and manage your hosting accounts.

But you can do it easier to do this yourself. Most web hosts will be able to host a simple Word Press website. Because Word Press doesn’t need that many resources.

The WordPress hosting provider should be well established. It has excellent customer support. It offers a vast amount of upgrades. Special tools to improve your website performance.

Various Words Used In WordPress:

Add-on Domain:

Add-on domain means your other website with its unique content. You will have to register the new domain name before you can host it.

Apache Handlers:

Handler tells the web server how to handle a certain type of file.


A measure of how much data has transferred to or from your website email or FTP accounts. Bandwidth has measured in computer gigabytes ( GB ).


A popular web-based hosting control software to help you manage your website.

Cron Jobs:

Command or web scripts that the webserver executes at a particular time.


The database has used to store information for quick retrieval. Many web scripts need at least one database. WordPress requires a database. MySQL and PostgreSQL have used to manage the database.

Dedicated Server:


An entire webserver to that’s not shared with any else. You can use a dedicated server to sell shared hosting accounts or whatever you want. This is the most expensive type of web hosting.

Disk Space:

This is the measure of how much stuff you can store on a server or in your hosting accounts. Disc space has measured in computer megabytes.


Domain Name Service is the system. It allows a domain name to translate into its corresponding IP address.

Domain Name:

The name of the website or location on the internet. A domain name resolve to an IP address via DNS.

DOS Denial of Services attack:

This sort of attack uses many computers to flood your web server. With fake requests for information. With the hope of taking the server or your website off the internet.

FrontPage Extension:

The special code that runs on the webserver. To enable more features in the Microsoft front page HTML editor program. Do not enable the front page extension unless. You plan to use Microsoft front page exclusive to edit your website.

Meaning And Functions of Various Words Used In WordPress.

FTP-File Transfer Protocol:

A protocol for transferring and working with files. The directories on a remote server.

FTP Clients:

A program used to work with files on a remote server via FTP or SFTP.


A request for a web page or other content on your website.


HTML is the programming language used by most web pages have written.

Index Page:

On most websites, the index pages are the first page accessed when someone visits the domain.

IP Address:

An IP address is the number assigned to an item accessible on the internet. An IP address is a current series of four “three-digits ”separated by periods ( )


Kernel is a core-part of the Linux operating system.

MIME Types:

MIME – Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. This MIME types let a user web browser know what a given file is so that it knows how to handle that file.

Parked Domain:

A parked domain is a domain that mirrors the content of the main domain managed in c-Panel. With Go Daddy, a parked domain is a domain that you haven’t built a website on yet. You’ll see Go daddy advertisement on a Go Daddy parked domain.


Perl is a computer programming langue used by many web scripts.


A programming language that a lot of web-based scripts use.


A web-based program that allows you to manipulate a MySQL database.


A web-based program that allows you to manipulate the PostgreSQL database.


The amount of time in milliseconds that it takes for a server to respond to a request. Longer time means the connection is slower.

Raw Web Log:

The log created by apache as the user access on the webserver.


The redirect is a process that sends anyone who accesses a web page to a new location.


SFTP is a secure encrypted version of the FTP protocol.

Shared Hosting:

Many websites hosted on a single web server.

SSL-Secure Socket Layer:

SSL is sometimes referred to as TLS-Transport layer security. This is the main protocol used on the web to ensure that traffic to and from a website has encrypted. So the third parties cannot intercept important personal data like credit cards.

SSL Certificate:

A special file that enables SSL communication between a website and the user browser.


Sub-domains are addresses like maps.google.com. A sub-domain can either act as if it were a different site. A short cut to redirect you to another place in your site or anywhere on the internet.

VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and VPS hosting accounts use special software. To take a single physical server into two or more virtual web services.

Each virtual server act as a separate machine. VPS hosting is a great alternative to dedicated web hosting. Because it’s cost-effective and offers similar features.

Scripts On The Web:

The program can run via a web browser over the internet.

The server Of Web:

A machine that serves web pages and other content on the internet.

Stat Program Of Web:

A program like Webalizer. It interprets the raw data in the apache raw weblogs. Condense that information into useful charts and graphs.

Web Statistics:

The basic information about where your visitors came from. How they found your site and what sorts of computers and browsers they used during the visit. The information comes from the apache raw web blog.


The person responsible for the content and running of a website.

Web Hosting:


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service. This allows individuals and organizations. To make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.c-Panel stands for the control panel.

The Control panel is the software. It helps you manage your Word-Press website and hosting account. Web Hosting Service used to manage WordPress and It is a type of Internet Hosting Service.

You can use the Control panel for managing website files. Setting up small accounts and autoresponders. Create sub-domains, Create Add-on domains, create parked domains, check web stats, and more.

The Control panel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels. Control panel offers a point-and-click interface. The Control panel will help you to customize your World-Press website.

Create professional email accounts. Go Daddy offers similar software for shared hosting called HCC-Hosting Control Center. Both the software are a similar feature but the layout is different.

The most useful feature that c-Panel and HCC offer is the One-Click-Application feature. One-Click-Application feature. It will allow you to install World-Press on your web hosting account.

All you have to do is answer a few questions and click the install button. The second step is to find a web host that offers c-Panel and also specializes in World-Press web hosting.

It is very important to choose the best World-Press Hosting provider based on your needs. If you choose the wrong hosting, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Different Types Of Web Hosting:

There are three types of web hosting i.e. Shared, VPS, and Dedicate Hosting.

Shared Hosting:

The most popular type of web hosting has shared hosting. On share hosting many websites hosted on a single server. Shared hosting is the cheapest type of web hosting.

Because many website owners are sharing the cost of the server. The only drawback of shared hosting. It is that everybody on your designated server is sharing the resources.

If someone on your hosting account has a huge spike in website visitors. This could cause your website to load slower. This is not a serious problem. Because the administrator is watching the webserver 24×7.

VPS Hosting:

VPS’s meaning is Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting takes a single server and divides it into two or more virtual web servers. Each virtual web server acts as if its an independent machine and it does share resources.

Since you are not sharing disk space your web site runs a lot faster. Your website is also more secured with VPS hosting as compared to shared hosting. With shared hosting. If a hacker gains access to one website the server.

The hacker could cause a problem for everybody sharing the same server. You can install a stronger security measure. So, you have full control over your virtual machine.

There are different packages for VPS hosting depending on how much disc space you need. The good thing about VPS hosting is that you can upgrade to more disc space.

Without moving your website to a new server. The drawback to VPS hosting is that you need to have some experience with web host administrator.

Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is like a VPS except the machine into divided. In dedicated hosting, you will receive an entire web server on your own. A dedicated server allows you to do anything you want.

Dedicated server hosting is a very expensive type of hosting. There are thousands of web hosting companies that can host a World-Press website.

Before choosing a hosting provider, you must consider the most important features. Disc space measures how much information you can store on a server.

WordPress Recommends Various Hosting:

Most web hosts will give you a lot more disc space that you will ever need. Bandwidth is a measure of how much data has transferred to and from your hosting account. Your bandwidth has consumed anytime.

When someone visits your website and click around visiting many pages. The word Press host offers unlimited bandwidth so you will never go over the limits.

MySQL databases have used to store information. Web programming has called Scripts. It requires a database to store information and databases to get accessed daily.

Databases are important. Word-Press will need at least one database to function on your web host. Blue Host gives you unlimited everything.

You will get a free domain name, they have a c-Panel and they have 24x7x365 customer support. It is also a well-established company.

Which are rights from the time when the internet starts to become popular? Blue Host is easy to use. Hence it has recommended by World-Press.

The blue host used to the only offer shared hosting. But they have recently started VPS and Dedicated hosting as well.


WordPress is a service that is a type of content management system.WordPress is free and open-source of a content management system. The top three Word Press web hosts I recommend are Blue host, GoDaddy, and In Motion.

WordPress has written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database? Your C-Panel and hosting control should be a lot easier to understand. This allows individuals and organizations. To make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

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